Strawberries in New Jersey

Today was a nice day: warm, bright blue skies and calm winds. What better thing to do than to spend the day out in a field picking berries?

We took the train out to New Brunswick, then rode with our friend out to Snyder's Farm. Today was the last day to pick strawberries, so the first field was pretty picked over. We looked and looked for some good berries, but most of them looked a bit like this:

Sad strawberry

Eventually, someone in our group noticed there was a second strawberry field. This field had some strawberries which looked a bit more …

Not So Chilling Effects

The long theorized Arctic polar route has opened up, thanks to our good friend — Global Warming. Now we can transport goods efficiently across the Arctic ocean, saving countless man-hours of shipping time. Now if only our ships could find a non-flooded port to dock in…

New Song Started

I have started a new song. Those of you who heard my "early work" on will probably reeling with horror at this point, but rest assured — I have been honing my skills.

The file is only thirty seconds, and is just a preview of the earliest part of the song. Enjoy.

(Editor's note: the file alexdw-test1.ogg seems to lost to history. Probably for the best.)


Recently, in addition to playing the Vampires game, I have also been playing Gothador. It is similar, in that it is a grid-based MMORPG, but it isn't simply about vampires and biting.

In the Gothador realm, you battle with a myriad of mythical creatures, ranging from bats, rats and dogs to goblins, orcs and demons. There is danger lurking around every corner, and (after you get a few levels and items) it is quite fun. Good luck, and happy hunting!

Oh, and if you get stuck, you can get info on everything in the game by checking out the Guild …

Need Help with Charisma(1) Quest

The Allurists Guild informs you that business near Walrus and 68th has been slow lately. Persuade 3 prestigious vampires (with at least 500 blood) to visit The Cart and Castle there and tell the bartender "alexdw sent me". You have ten days. You must not set foot inside the pub yourself during the quest - drunks give us a bad name.

Later, on December 31st...

You feel a rush of confidence course through your body. It's as though you have become more comfortable with yourself and those around you. You have gained a level of CHARISMA.

A big THANK YOU to …

Bad Dream

I like to think that I have some creative talent, and I'd like to share that with the world. In that spirit, I've put a new drawing online. It is called "Bad Dream". You can stare into the green spiral as much as you want, but you may not like what you see.

Download Wallpaper: 800×600 | 640×480

I drew this one about a month before I went to Basic Training. I have only shown it to a few of my close friends, but I thought that it should now see the Light of Day. I have a few …

Bill Drummond on TV & Radio

Bill Drummond has been making quite a few appearances lately, on both radio and television. Tuesday night, he made an appearance on the BBC 6 Music program The Evening Sequence.

On the program, Bill talks about his career and pop music in general, starting with the first record he ever bought, "Strawberry Fields" by The Beatles. He asserts that this record was the greatest piece of art ever made. They go on to talk about his first band, Big In Japan, and play one of their songs, "Nothing Special." Well, it certainly is something special, as that track is very …

Smash Phones and Prepare to DIE!

A little bit of looking has lead me back to a few of the KLF's old web sites. The first one I'd like to present is a publicity stunt for the Solid Gold Chartbusters. At first, the Phone Bashing web site looks like an ordinary we've done it now style site, but a quick whois reveals who is really behind it... Virgin Records. Score one for Jimi! Our next site is an innovative idea from Bill Drummond. He wanted to provide a place for you to plan your death, so prepare to die at For more information about …


Jimmy Cauty of KLF and Scourge of the Earth fame is back with a new DIY EP. His latest project is called Blacksmoke, a collaborative rock-industrial-unclassifiable project released by Crapola Records. These guys also have some cool remixes and artwork, and will be having a showing this Christmas.

Dr Stuey's note: And you can read all about Cauty and Blacksmoke at the Library of Mu, cheers, the Librarian. (February 21, 2005)

Kidd of Speed

The Kidd of Speed, Elena, does it again. The Serpent's Wall is a great photo tour of Kiev's fortifications. It is an interesting look in to the lifes of the Ukranian people, over the last several hundred years.

You may remember Elena as the woman who took the controversial ride through Chernobyl. Some people have claimed that the ride was a fake, but it is an interesting journey nonetheless. (I personally have faith in Elena's story, and would like to point out that some of the photographs are from the collections of others.) If you are interested in the history …

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