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The Kidd of Speed, Elena, does it again. The Serpent's Wall is a great photo tour of Kiev's fortifications. It is an interesting look in to the lifes of the Ukranian people, over the last several hundred years.

You may remember Elena as the woman who took the controversial ride through Chernobyl. Some people have claimed that the ride was a fake, but it is an interesting journey nonetheless. (I personally have faith in Elena's story, and would like to point out that some of the photographs are from the collections of others.) If you are interested in the history of Eastern Europe, you may also find that page of interest.

I love some of the commentary on this site, as it serves to remind the reader how dangerous it would have been to say some of these things. "Eventually Red army won and cheerful days of communism began. They began with the robery of rich citizens and expelling them from the country... the Soviet epoch didn't left us many valuable things that would be worth digging for them. It left plenty of graves." (From page four of The Serpent's Wall.) All in all, it is a sobering look at the past, one that should remind us all of the tragedy that such fortifications are needed in the first place.