New Host

The Home of AlexDW now has a new web host: Amazon S3. I had a number of problems with my old host, including the dreaded Database Error. Because of said Database Error, I'm stuck recovering data using the friendly Internet Archive. Remember to backup your data, kiddos!

I've also switched my email over to ProtonMail at the same time. This should hopefully reduce the number of mail delivery errors my GMail forwarding setup created.

Legacy of Your-Site

Error establishing a database connection

(That's pretty much all this site would output while it was hosted at Your-Site for the last few years.)

LiveJournal Account Back Online

My here-to-fore mostly unused LiveJournal account is has now been re-activated. I had previously created this account so that I could take part in the forum for the Vampires game. (Boy, that brings back memories!) With any luck, everything I post here will get mirrored there… but I somehow doubt it. The LJ plug-in for Serendipity is a little flaky. (Won't this look stupid when it is read at LJ? Oh well.)

Mood? Who cares!?!

Myspace... Gack!

I now have a profile on MySpace. Don't worry — I'm not abandoning the Home of AlexDW, just trying something new. I don't really have very many MySpace "friends" yet, but ideally that will change in the future.

TV Database Improves

The television database is finally starting to shape up. At this time, broadcast channels are listed for several local markets near northeast Indiana, as well as several local cable systems.

On the broadcast side, the Fort Wayne and South Bend markets should now be fully covered, and Lansing, Toledo and Lima should be coming along very quickly. The real attraction here is the cable listings. Aside from PPV, the channel listings are complete for Comcast in Fort Wayne, and a few small Longview and Galaxy systems in Steuben County. Angola's local system (Mediacom) is not fully in yet, but will …

Resume and Beta-Test TV Database

First of all, I'd like to point out that my resume is now online, but currently only in Micro$oft Word format. PDF and HTML versions are forthcoming. Also, I'm currently working on a database of television and radio stations, and their owners.

The database right now is in the process of being filled, and the interface is being written. The administration interface is mostly complete (although you'll never see this). I have a preliminary interface that shows "providers" and their line-ups, although the information is not very detailed right now. (The info is in the database, it's just not …

Yes, I'm Still Alive

I just want to assure everyone that I am still alive. I have lots of exciting trip pictures from my trip to Arizona in January, as well as new case-mod stuff. I also plan to update the Linux Digital Camera List before it becomes completely useless. Oh yeah, and I noticed the "problem" with the forum. Nice going, heh… still pointless, since nobody used it anyway. (Adios to the forever-beta forum, I guess.)

Employer's Web Site

Sorry I haven't updated my web site in quite a while. I have been… distracted by other matters. However, if you are anxious to see me at work, I have updated my employer's web site. I have updated the web site for Moyer Companies, which includes my employer — Moyer Process & Control. I've been working there for three years now, and I have only just now been given the opportunity to update it. (It has badly needed it for some time now.) I hope you all enjoy the layout and coding… you probably aren't particularly interested in springs. ";-)"

PolarBlog Update

I've upgraded this site to use the latest version of PolarBlog, version 1.5.2. It took a bit of work to re-patch in my modifications, but I think the result is well worth it. If you have any problems, leave a comment or use the Contact link on the right.

PHP Bulletin Board

I've installed phpBB2 on this web site… with a few minor modifications, of course. Why would I do such a thing? Well, it gives me an excuse to put a few games on here. Visit the forum. (You have to register to get the games.)

(Editor's note: the forum is long dead, killed by bots.)

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