RIPPON! - Rips a CD, yeah!
Current Version: 0.08 (alpha-quy)

The current version still has problems, but they shouldn't be too serious. Remember, this is a Work In Progress.

New In v0.08

Oh yeah, I finally got this thing uploaded to SourceForge. There is plenty of information about RIPPON! at my SourceForge project page. There you will find bug tracking and mailing lists and...


I have been using a program called Grip to rip and encode my CD collection, but I found it quite annoying.

  1. It only read from CDDB, so any CD's that weren't in CDDB had to have their information entered manually, and the ones that were in CDDB usually had to be corrected. Since I use CD-Tool most of the time, I was forced to enter the CD information twice.
  2. It seemed impossible to convince Grip to put the files in a directory of my choosing. Everytime I set it up to do this, it would put them into ~/mp3 anyway.
  3. Grip is graphical, so I was forced to load up X every time I wanted to rip a CD, and had to stay in X while I was ripping it. (I mostly use the console, it's faster.)
  4. Grip crashed unless I allowed it to "escape" strange characters in filenames (such as (',)', ?', and"'). Since I only use playing programs that can handle such characters, I had no need for this "feature".

So, with these things in mind, I set out to write my own ripping program.


Here are the features of RIPPON!


First of all, this program requires a semi-recent version of Perl (5.005, preferably). It also requires quite a few programs, which are listed in the REQUIREMENTS file along with pointers to where you can find them.

Availability and Installation

RIPPON! is free software, and is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License. (See the source for details.) However, there is no warranty, so if it, say, entices the Thought Police to pay a visit to your house and "re-educate" you, it's Not My Fault. RIPPON! 0.08 is available as a tarred-and-gzipped Perl script.

To install RIPPON!, cd into the directory you downloaded it into, and extract it. Then read the README file for execution instructions.

Future of RIPPON!

Future versions of RIPPON! will be more useful to people besides me. Check out the current TODO and BUGS lists for my future plans. See the change log for a history of this program.

Older Versions

Here is where you can get copies of older versions of RIPPON!. These are mostly useful for people with special needs or for people who want to see where RIPPON! has been.