Resume and Beta-Test TV Database

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First of all, I'd like to point out that my resume is now online, but currently only in Micro$oft Word format. PDF and HTML versions are forthcoming. Also, I'm currently working on a database of television and radio stations, and their owners.

The database right now is in the process of being filled, and the interface is being written. The administration interface is mostly complete (although you'll never see this). I have a preliminary interface that shows "providers" and their line-ups, although the information is not very detailed right now. (The info is in the database, it's just not visible right now.)

When this is finished, ownership, subscription information, and programming information for OTA and FTA stations will all be available. I plan to offer side-by-side comparisons of various multi-channel operations (ie. Local Cable vs. DBS). If you have an idea you'd like to see implemented, or would like to submit information to the database, write me at removed.

(Editor's note: the television database has been removed.)