Bill Drummond on TV & Radio

Category: Cool

Bill Drummond has been making quite a few appearances lately, on both radio and television. Tuesday night, he made an appearance on the BBC 6 Music program The Evening Sequence.

On the program, Bill talks about his career and pop music in general, starting with the first record he ever bought, "Strawberry Fields" by The Beatles. He asserts that this record was the greatest piece of art ever made. They go on to talk about his first band, Big In Japan, and play one of their songs, "Nothing Special." Well, it certainly is something special, as that track is very hard to find!

Discussion of Bill's career as part of The KLF is inevitable, and he discusses some of the motivations behind the band. He also recounts the tragic tale behind the recording of Justified and Ancient. Thankfully, a new sampler saved the day.

Last week, Bill was on BBC 6 Music's breakfast show, but that is no longer available for download. He also made a recent appearance on the Swedish program Kobra. The program itself was about money, and they discussed the burning of a million pounds. The program will air again on Monday (Nov 29th) at 16:05 and Tuesday (Nov 30th) at 23:20, and is available online.