Bad Dream

Category: Cool

I like to think that I have some creative talent, and I'd like to share that with the world. In that spirit, I've put a new drawing online. It is called "Bad Dream". You can stare into the green spiral as much as you want, but you may not like what you see.

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I drew this one about a month before I went to Basic Training. I have only shown it to a few of my close friends, but I thought that it should now see the Light of Day. I have a few more things I drew, plus a whole bunch of photographs that I took, which will eventually make their way to the web site. For now, however, you'll have to live with the green spiral. What is the meaning of this drawing? Stare into the spiral long enough, and you'll figure it out.

Legal note: Remember folks, this is Copyright © 2004 Alex La Hurreau. You can use it as wallpaper and send your friends links here, but you may not use this image on your web site or some other publication without my permission.