Strawberries in New Jersey

Category: Cool

Today was a nice day: warm, bright blue skies and calm winds. What better thing to do than to spend the day out in a field picking berries?

We took the train out to New Brunswick, then rode with our friend out to Snyder's Farm. Today was the last day to pick strawberries, so the first field was pretty picked over. We looked and looked for some good berries, but most of them looked a bit like this:

Sad strawberry

Eventually, someone in our group noticed there was a second strawberry field. This field had some strawberries which looked a bit more like, well, strawberries.

Happy pair of strawberries

Several strawberries

After spending about an or two in the sun, we came up with about six quarts of strawberries.

Container of strawberries

This has been a great break from working all the time, and being stuck at home to the lockdowns.