For the Children

Category: Native

As we head into the Winter, here are a few thoughts for the future. The road for us has been long, and the winters have been unforgiving. Our elders have passed before us again and again, but we have endured. Do not forget, however, that we will see the spring once again.

Think of our ancestors, and be proud. Think of our children, and be strong.

If the book has been written for us, do not worry. Look into the eyes of the children, the newborns, and remember that the world belongs to them now. Remember that even if everything we do now is forgotten, they will live on.

Even if no one sings our songs… Even if no one tells our stories… Even if no one knows what we did, or when, or why…

We will survive, and live on, and make the world a better place.

Nin gashkiton.