Welcome to Boston

Category: Life

I am now living in one of the suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts: Medford. I took a job out here, and am now living with one of my good friends. The last few days (and weeks) have been quite exciting for me. I arrived in Medford late last Wednesday. Thursday, I unloaded all of my stuff, and helped my friend XXX move some of his stuff. On Friday, I took a trip down to Cambridge to check out the local shops, and purchase a few "must have" items. (Cooking utensils etc.) Shortly after I returned from Cambridge, we finally got power here at our house and I was able to get things rolling. That evening, we moved the remainder of XXX's heavy (truck-needing) items.

Saturday, we got up early to return the U-Haul truck that I had rented, and spent the morning with XXX's boss watching rugby and grilling. We then visited the Somerville arts festival, where the Boston Typewriter Orchestra played some rather interesting compositions. The show consisted of the band, dressed in suits and chained to their desks, making rhythmic music using their typewriters, desks and papers. After that, we checked out the arts and crafts at the festival, and grabbed a bite to eat.

I apologize for not getting this written a bit sooner. Things have been a bit hectic lately, and I just haven't gotten around to it (until now!) We still do not have internet access here yet — I am writing this via a nearby wireless connection. Tomorrow I start work, and am looking forward to it greatly.

So far, my impressions of the Boston area are positive. There is much more to see and do here than I could ever find back in Indiana. Yes, the cost of goods is indeed higher, and occasionally you will find items that are eye-poppingly expensive (by Indiana stanards.) However, I believe that it is worth the extra cost to live in such a wonderful, cosmopolitan city. I am looking forward to all of my new adventures here.