Settling In

Category: Life

I'm finally getting settled in to my new place here in Medford. We've been doing some gardening, some grilling, and many other fun activities. Our cable internet service is working here, but it took quite a bit of pain. Apparently, Comcast only wants you to connect a single computer running Windows to their service. Thankfully, I had a computer lying around that happened to have Windows 2000 on it. I got the service set up, and then cloned that computer's MAC address with the wireless router. (Of course, the wireless router in question was ###'s from-the-trash router. It has since been replaced.) We still haven't gotten completely settled, though… the carpet cleaning that ### ordered was for the downstairs only, and so we are going to have to find another solution for the icky upstairs carpets. There is hard wood under the carpets, so we will probably rip them up, sand them down, varnish them, and be done with it. Wish me luck!