Pool Games

Category: Life

Recently, I've been playing pool a lot with my friend XXX. Tonight, I went up to McCool's in Angola, IN, where XXX was playing league (APA). After the game there was over, we went over to near-by Skips, where they had free pool.

While we were out, we ran into a few people, such as YYY and ZZZ. YYY is just learning to play pool, and XXX is giving him a few pointers. ZZZ is an old friend of XXX's who works in the area. I spent a lot of time talking to ZZZ, who had many old "war stories" to tell.

We ended up going to McDonald's up in Fremont near the toll road. As it was very late, XXX had to phone the order in (otherwise, we would have been stuck with breakfast). I finally took her home, and XXX said we would watch a program called InuYaShu tomorrow.

Editor's note: Apparently, I thought it was InuYaShu instead of Inuyasha. I still haven't seen it.