No InuYaShu

Category: Life

Well, I was supposed to go watch InuYaShu with my battle buddy. Things did not quite go according to plan...

I picked XXX up at the house, and we went off to see one of XXX's friends about a new pool cue. (XXX broke her favourite cue on Sunday... pieces flying across the room and everything.) I got to play with their cat and dog, and XXX got to hold the snake.

After that, we went to XXX's to play a few games. I figured we would stay there long enough to watch InuYaShu, but I had no such luck. I got to see a few other TV shows, but not that one. We finally went to XXX's to play some pool, and (again) I got home really late.

Editor's note: Apparently, I thought it was InuYaShu instead of Inuyasha. I still haven't seen it.