Welcome to Boston

I am now living in one of the suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts: Medford. I took a job out here, and am now living with one of my good friends. The last few days (and weeks) have been quite exciting for me. I arrived in Medford late last Wednesday. Thursday, I unloaded all of my stuff, and helped my friend XXX move some of his stuff. On Friday, I took a trip down to Cambridge to check out the local shops, and purchase a few "must have" items. (Cooking utensils etc.) Shortly after I returned from Cambridge, we finally got power …

Good Red Road Updated

The Good Red Road, a book by my father, has been updated. New in this update is the remaining English text of the book, as well as additional illustrations. Additionally, the text of the Spirit Testament has been added as an appendix, and the layout has been improved slightly. Please note that this is still an early draft, is missing many illustrations, and may contain omissions and other errors. I will post more updates as I progress. To all of you who have been waiting for this release, you will have to wait only a little while longer -- this small …

Good Red Road, Early Draft

Since the process of getting the books of my father (Shupshe) online is taking a long time, I have decided to put another piece up for review. This time, the first third of The Good Red Road is now online. Note that many of the gikinoigun and masinaigun are missing from this, but the English text has been entered up to page 33 (of 90) in the original. Like I said, this is an early draft, and there will be some re-organizing and editing before the final release.

Midé Kikind-inin - Spirit Testament

Here I present a short work written by my father called Midé Kikind-inin, or Spirit Testament. It was written back in 1986.

Spirit Testament
Author: Shupshewana
Date: 33,102 - 1986

Midé Kikind-inin is my gift to today's generation of my people. My wish is to share the way of life shared with me by my teachers, long ago. I have no wish to add nor take away any part. My only addition, is to say now I have found living by these words, my life has been richly blessed.

It has been said, "you must stand for something, or you …

Draft Bode'wadmi Language Font

I have posted a draft Bode'wadmi language font that I'm working on. I need these characters for an upcoming book project, which will be published here (for free.) This font provides only one letter set, and isn't even complete &emdash; it only has characters that match existing Latin letters. All the characters are mapped to UPPERCASE letters, and there are no numbers included. Oh, and did I mention? This isn't even the most common Bode'wadmi character set. Like I said, this is just a draft, and may cause problems. No warranty expressed or implied, all rights reserved (for now), etc. Have …

Golubo Back Online

My computer, golubo, is now back online. Special thanks to my friends XXX & XXX for lending me a motherboard for testing, and to SuperGoodDeal for providing me with a new power supply.

Apparently, I'm now a GNOME user… this seems to have snuck while the computer was offline. Presumably, the default window manager changed during an update; right before the power supply blew. I was planning on switching from WindowMaker to GNOME anyway… this is just an incentive.

Golubo Will (Hopefully) Soon Be Back

My main PC (golubo) suffered a major hardware failure about a month ago… give or take a few weeks. (It's been so long!) I thought that it was a motherboard failure, but thanks to some borrowed hardware, I was able to determine that it was not the motherboard that had failed, but rather the power supply — just in a somewhat subtle way. The new power supply should arrive sometime this week.

First Voting Machines, Now ATMs

Well, a "new" exploit has been found for a common model of ATM, and the biggest suprise is that it's not Diebold. An anonymous thief in Virginia Beach reprogrammed the machines to deliver four times the requested amount. eWeek reports that the master passwords to these machines can be discovered via a simple Google search.

Matasano Chargen asks, Why is no one talking about this? Well, everybody is, now. I'm still waiting for the day I drive up to an ATM and it displays a simple message:

1 pWnZ j000!!!!11

Then I'll know we're secure.

Myspace... Gack!

I now have a profile on MySpace. Don't worry — I'm not abandoning the Home of AlexDW, just trying something new. I don't really have very many MySpace "friends" yet, but ideally that will change in the future.

Not So Chilling Effects

The long theorized Arctic polar route has opened up, thanks to our good friend — Global Warming. Now we can transport goods efficiently across the Arctic ocean, saving countless man-hours of shipping time. Now if only our ships could find a non-flooded port to dock in…

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