The End of Alex's Doctor Who Page (As We Know It)

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It had to happen eventually. The page that started it all, Alex's Doctor Who Page, has finally been retired. That doesn't mean that I'm no longer a Doctor Who fan, or that I won't keep you updated on the exciting Doctor Who news. The truth is, I originally set up Alex's Doctor Who Page to provide information to viewers in Northeast Indiana. Years ago, the local PBS station, WFWA TV-39, showed Doctor Who every Saturday at 10PM. Then, in order to accomodate the growing British comedy audience, they moved it to 12AM. Finally, citing a lack of viewer interest, Doctor Who was removed from WFWA's line-up. "Just not enough viewer support," said WFWA's programming director. Of course, the bloody phones were ringing off the hook that night at WFWA…

For many years after that, there wasn't very much encouraging Doctor Who news. Declining book sales and newer, "sexier" sci-fi programs like Farscape and Buffy the Vampire Slayer drew away most of the interest. But then, just recently, Russell T. Davies ressurected the show, and viewers around the world will see the first new episode of Doctor Who in over fifteen years this March.

Why am I discontinuing the site? Well, first of all, the content of the old page was very out of date. Secondly, I'm moving everything into sections in PolarBlog, so individual pages will end up getting axed. While this does mean the death of this "historic" site, its legacy will live on as one of the many sections of my PolarBlog site. (Which you are looking at right now, incidentally.)

So, what is a despairing Doctor Who fan to do? Well, visit one of the many other Doctor Who sites on the Internet! I would have never said this years ago, but nowadays the first stop on your tour should be the Official BBC Doctor Who Page. They have program histories, news, and a few games for your enjoyment. The next stop on your journey through the swirling vortex should be Gallifrey One, the famed Doctor Who news page. If that isn't enough, why not visit the classic Doctor Who Homepage at Nitro 9, run by the lovely Siobahn Morgan?

Other sites of interest include Big Finish Productions, producers of the new Doctor Who and Benny audio dramas. If detailed show history is what you're after, check out Doctor Who: A Brief History of Time Travel. You want photos? Steven Hill has them at the Doctor Who Image Archive. Finally, you can find out all about those classic moments at the Doctor Who Bloopers List.

Still not enough? Well, you can still visit Serendipidy? or AngloFantasia. How about voting in the Gallifrey Elections, or taking a look at Shag's Doctor Who Page?

Last, but not least, is my good friend Blofeld's Cat. His wonderful site dedicated to The Persuaders will surprise you. Yes, there IS a Doctor Who connection!

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