The Return of Doctor Who

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Making good on the 40th anniversary of Doctor Who, the BBC has commisioned a new Doctor Who series! Doctor Who will finally be returning to television screens everywhere!!! The new producer, Russell T. Davies, says this about the new Doctor: "As an alien, he is the most human you could wish to meet. He is so marvellously human, a scientist, an artist, passionate, funny, emotional." That sounds like our good Doctor! Finally, after thirteen years, we will have our hero around to save us from "the satanic powers of the night."

According to the Doctor Who News Page, the new series will run for thirteen episodes, running at 45-minutes apiece (similar to Colin Baker's Season Twenty-Two). There is no word yet as to who will play the Doctor, but I'm putting my vote in for Richard E. Grant. (If you haven't seen him play the Doctor in "The Curse of Fatal Death", then I heartily recommend buying it today!)