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Welcome to Alex's Doctor Who Page, serving all Doctor Who fans, but especially those from the Fort Wayne area. I have Doctor Who Books as well as the rec.arts.drwho FAQ in its entirety.

What is Doctor Who?

Doctor Who is a British science-fiction program that ran from 1963 to 1989 on BBC television. The program was put on hiatus in 1989, and later came back in the form of a made-for-TV movie on FOX in 1996, but unfortunately a new series did not materialize. However, there has been a continuing series of books where the Doctor and his companions now battle foes on the printed page.

The Doctor has had many forms. The show is based around a mysterious man and his TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimensions In Space), or time machine. He is a Time Lord, with the ability to travel through space and time and the ability to regenerate. He has had many companions (mostly female), and has battled many foes. His most famous foes, the Daleks, made their first appearance in Doctor Who's second adventure, and grew in popularity after that. The Daleks have since made many other appearances, including two movies. The Doctor's other major foes are: the Cybermen, a race of cybernetic humanoids; the Master, an evil Time Lord renegade; the Sontarans, a race of clones futily at war with the shape-shifting Rutans; and the Ice Warriors, who later gave up their evil ways to join the Galactic Federation.

For more detailed information, you should try reading the Newbie FAQ at Nitro9, or the rec.arts.drwho FAQ.

Where can I see Doctor Who?

There are many stations all over the world that show Doctor Who. You can see a list of them in Part 5 of the rec.arts.drwho FAQ. Unfortunately for those in Northeast Indiana, you won't see Doctor Who on public television. "Just not enough viewer support," says the programming director of the Fort Wayne station (WFWA TV-39).

But don't despair! You can buy many episodes of Doctor Who on video tape and soon on DVD. You can usually get these from video stores or "fan" stores, or you can order them from the Internet. Locally, they are available from Borders, and possibly other places.

Doctor Who Books

Over the years, there have been hundreds of books relating to Doctor Who published by such companies as W.H. Allen (under the Target name), their successor, Virgin Books, as well as BBC Books and Pinnacle Books (in America). I have a small number of the books published by these companies. You can see a list of the Doctor Who Books that I own on my books page.

Cautionary Proverb

From Sky Pirates! by Dave Stone, p129:

"If a strange dark woman, after the tenth drink, suddenly begins to sing:

What is that I hear? (put your hand to your ear)
Upstairs in the attic? (point up)
It is an elephant (make like a trunk)
Riding around on a bicycle. (stomp about stupidly)
It is an elephant, (ditto last line but one)
So chic and elegant, (flounce!)
With one trunk here (thing with the trunk again)
And one tail here. (and then bump and grind)

do not under any circumstances approach her for she shall immediately fall over and be violently and spectacularly ill on you."

Editor's note: the date is a rough estimate. This entry is an evolution of the original web site posted on GeoCities. The books page is long gone, as are the books themselves.