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I have just ordered DSL service from Verizon, so that should be nice. I'm getting ready for the high-speed madness! :-) Now I have to figure out if they use the standard DHCP auto-config, or if they are using the "living pain" PPPoE.

New Hardware from AMD?

I was checking the hardware sites, and noticed that AMD had released a new processor. There is a full review over on Hot Hardware. Hmmm... It sure would be nice to have one of these for my new computer. (I think what it really means for me is that prices on other AMD processors will drop.)

I took two things from the review on HH. The first was that the Athlon 64 processor beats the pants off of the Pentium 4 (at least today). Secondly, getting a motherboard with the nForce chipset may be a bad idea. (I didn't want …

Digital Camera Support Listing

For those of you wondering which digital camera to buy for your Linux computer, I have created a list of digital cameras supported under Linux, including the name of the software package and a URL where the software may be obtained. It is not yet complete, but I hope that it will help out many of you.

(Editor's note: this helpful table has been removed due to being dangerously out-of-date.)


Braxiatel is the new computer that I have built. It has a 433MHz (overclocked to 445MHz or 888.01 BogoMIPS) Intel Celeron processor and 128MB of RAM. (Yes, I do know about the problems that Intel had with earlier versions of the Celeron processor, but this newer model has worked fine for me, except for when I try to overclock it to 500MHz+.) It is running Debian GNU/Linux 2.3 using the Linux 2.2.15 kernel. I have found this to be fairly stable, as the only real problems I've had were all my fault <big grin>. I'm …

The Weekly rec.arts.drwho Stats

I seem to be the stats maintainer for rec.arts.drwho. More information on my Usenet Wanderings page under the section entitled "Stats: Maintaining The Divide".

(Editor's note: that dark history seems to have gone the way of all organic matter: down the tube.)

British Telecom Patents The Hyperlink

In case you didn't see the story on News of the World, British Telecom has decided that it has a patent on the hyperlink. The hyperlink! You can read about it on LinuxMall, or you can read a different article about it on The Register.

They have apparently had this patent since the late eighties, but have only now realized that it covers hyperlinks as well! Are they stupid, or what? Or perhaps their patent doesn't really apply to hyperlinks and their just making it all up? It doesn't matter anyway, because their suing all of the ISPs in America …

Gratuitous Y2K Nonsense

It's official, it's the year 2000, just one more year 'till the new millennium. To celebrate, I've got my official Year 2000 usenet posting!!! Yes sir, it's dated Sat, 1 Jan 2000 00:00:00 -0500. Here it is:

Path: newsfeed.slurp.net!alexdw
From: alexdw@locl.net (Alex LaHurreau)
Newsgroups: rec.arts.drwho
Subject: Re: Arthur C Clarke
References: <386cf279$1_2@news.calweb.com>
Reply-To: alexdw@locl.net
User-Agent: slrn/ (ABACUS LINUX EDITION)
Lines: 26
Message-ID: <B9gb4.1518$S%2.8395@newsfeed.slurp.net>
Date: Sat, 1 Jan 2000 00:00 …

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